Thanks to myths, fairy tales and truths, the Club of the Vampires, founded by Gunter Sachs in 1974, has over the years become a legend and under the presidency of his holiness, the designer and professor with a chair in England, his highness Rolf Sachs, it has definitely gained cult status. Intellect and humour come together here, even if it is just to leave the daily grind behind for a while. Here it’s improvisation with a capital I. Since 2007 the vault has been given a breath of fresh air: jazz. The Dracula Club is the heart of the Festival da Jazz. With just 150 seats it offers an ideal club atmosphere and a delightful temporary home for artists and visitors alike.


Dracula's Ghost Riders Club
Plazza Gunter Sachs, 7500 St. Moritz


There is no reserved seating at the concert location. With high attendance there is not guaranteed seating and view may be obsctructed.