Together with our main sponsor the Festival da Jazz is launching the «New Generation #JazzLab» – a music competition between masterclass and sponsorship award for young jazz musicians, who are on the verge of a professional career.

By Festival da Jazz


The Idea

In a time of crises it's easy to just rely on old and reliable things. Yet innovation must always find its way. Therefore we are proud to announce this promotional award in 2021 together with our new Presenting Partner Jaguar.

For many young artists entering the music business is riddled with obstacles. Besides talent and luck, it needs an enormous amount of energy, perseverance, persistence, and time, to get the proverbial foot in the door. The #JazzLab wants to make this step a bit easier.

Jury-selected acts will be invited to this year's Festival da Jazz. They get to play, they win a substantiell cash prize and last but not least, they get to work with our illustrious round of mentors. 

More than 60 acts applied. The quality and astonishing array of music were so good, in fact, that we have decided to invite three instead of two acts, as we initially intended. 

And this year's winners are:



Get to know our Winners

Karoline Weidt Quartett
MarcO Poingt Trio

Playing live, a cash prize, networking opportunities and many further useful experiences – the New Generation #JazzLab offers a wonderful package for young acts that want to take the next step.

The MEntors

At the centre of the New Generation #JazzLab is the collaboration of the winning acts with various jazz greats. These «mentors» are renowned professionals who support the young talents in many ways. The Festival da Jazz deliberately chooses artists who distinguish themselves by their multifaceted work and curiosity.


The exceptional Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala knows no stylistic boundaries. He finds delightful and new things in every musical corner. His cross-genre virtuosity and his rich history with the Festival da Jazz make him the perfect mentor for ambitious talents. 


The Cuban virtuoso Omar Sosa found his way to music via percussion and is now a Grammy Award-winning pianist and composer. He performs solo, in a trio, in a big band and even with symphony orchestras. Setting off from his roots in Latin jazz, Sosa has always broadened his horizon and is looking forward to sharing his spirit with the new generation.


These two icons found our #JazzLab idea so appealing that they wanted in. It seems that playing two shows this year is not quite enough. "Yes, please" we kindly responded as we look forward to learning from Dave and Lee's unparalleled knowledge and experience.

DOMI & JD Beck

Barely 20 years old and already mentors? Watching DOMi & JD Beck one realizes quickly that there's something bigger coming our way. Plus, the New Generation #JazzLab is looking to work on a broad variety of subjects. These two play their Social Media channels just a as well as their instruments. 

The Top 10

The quality of applications to the first New Generation #JazzLab was amazing. We therefore would like to share with you our top ten. Have a listen, it's worth it!

Top 10

Dimitri Monstein Ensemble
Four Disturbed Civilians
Johanna Summer
Lina Tinérun
Retrospective 5tet
Tobias Haug Quartett
Yotam Ben-Or Quartet