In a forest, at a lake, at a public pool – The Festival of venues


By Festival da Jazz

The quality and extraordinary appeal of the Festival da Jazz are directly linked to the selected venues and stages in and around St. Moritz. The Main Stage, the quaint but extremely loveable «Dracula’s Club» is very famous of course. But also some of the other venues have their very special charm.

Live music in extraordinary locations is an inspiration in its own way. The Festival da Jazz throws willing musicians into unchartered territory on a regular basis. There have been concerts on St. Moritz' iconic mountain Muottas Muragl, on the main square in Poschiavo and there was even live music on the train journey there. In the meantime, other venues have been added. The small forest stage of the Camerata Pontresina in the enchanting Taiswald was a magical experience last year and will also form part of this year's festival The elegant ballroom of the Reine Victoria offered the appropriate setting for the «West Side Story» and will serve as the festival's swing satellite this year. Or a concert in an indoor swimming pool in a hotel? Nigel Kennedy not only performed a Bach concert but also managed to host an extravagant pool party. Also, this story will have a sequel. So keep your eyes open – ticket sales will start on the April 25.

There are enough boring venues. We just sow music wherever it's possible. On a train, at Lei da Staz, in the forest, at the swimming pool. Something will always grow from it.