Jazz is improvisation. Improvisation is jazz. With the "Hidden Sessions", the Festival da Jazz 2024 is launching a new, small but fine format in which improvisation takes center stage. Not by the musicians, but by the audience!


By Festival da Jazz


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Please note: Information about these concerts will only be communicated on this channel. Ready for a little improvisation? We look forward to seeing you.
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All jazz cats would agree: Improvisation is one of the cornerstones of the entire genre. The players flourish in the free invention of familiar patterns. Evening after evening, the music is performed slightly differently, spiced up a little. In this way, an existing basic mood can be steered in unforeseen directions. Of course, we often experience such moments at the Festival da Jazz. 

Now we want to add another dimension to improvisation in the jazz world. For once, we want the audience to show the courage and will to improvise. No, don't worry, we're not forcing anyone to play saxophone solos. We already have enough of those. But we are presenting "The Hidden Sessions" as a wonderful premiere at the Festival da Jazz 2024. 

The idea: interested festival guests can subscribe to a news alert (Whatsapp). This will be used during the festival to inform you at very short notice about one of the hidden concerts in the "Hidden Sessions". Then it's time to hurry. 

You read that right! - This year there are actually several concerts that are not on our program overview. Artists who probably appear on our regular program are playing another showcase, at short notice and almost guerrilla-like in and around St. Moritz. Dana Masters in an underpass? Marcus Miller in a spa? The Jazzrausch Bigband in an elevator? You won't find out from us. At least not yet...