Despite her yodeling skills, Erika Stucky is unlikely to ever be invited to the "Musikantenstadl". Because with Stucky, yodeling meets soul - and the “Zäuerli” gets the blues. A touch of alpine voodoo also hovers over everything. She returns to her musical roots. To the American cowboy yodels and to the Swiss jutz and yodel. Officially. Unofficially, she spans the yodeling phenomenon around the world. In her new program, she once again packs an exciting mixture of Swiss-Cowboy-African yodels, typical Stucky compositions and selected quotes from Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Johnny Cash and Screaming Jay Hawkins.


Sun 14.7.24
Door opening
Concert start
Ticket price
CHF 99.00

Line Up

Erika Stucky
Vocals, Accordion, Film
Oli Hartung
Jon Sass

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