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Incognito will never be able to perform incognito. To do so, the sound of this acid jazz formation that has performed for over 40 years is much too famous. Nevertheless, even the most fervent Incognito fans will probably not be able to name all members of the band, as there supposedly have been over 1000 over the years. At least, according to Jean-Paul «Bluey» Maunick, the mastermind behind Incognito. In Switzerland the band had their greatest hit in 1995 with their song «100° and Rising» In 2016 they made it into the charts again with their hit «In Search of Better Days». A long running band in the real sense of the word.

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Kulm Country Club

Covered seating at the Kulm Country Club. Use KCC entrance.

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Open air seating in front of stage. Free seating within category. Please choose apparel for warmth an optional rain. 

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Standing tickets, open air. Please choose apparel for warmth and optional rain.


Tue 26.7.22
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Kulm Country Club CHF 235
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3. Kategorie CHF 65