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Over at the Kronenhof Pontresina where everything began for the festival we'll launch this year's 10th anniversary celebration. Three great shows – Othella Dallas, Timo Lassy, Jazzrausch Bigband – all on one night as a little festival within the festival. Details below.

Do we really need to introduce her? Othella Dallas has long since become an institution at the Festival da Jazz and it would be difficult to imagine the festival programme without her celebrated performances. At the age of five, Othella Dallas danced on the kitchen table. In the meantime, some years have gone by (to be exact: 87 years). As a singer and dancer, Othella Dallas can look back on an exceptional career that has brought her together with historical figures like Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker or Edith Piaf. Hopefully, this grand old lady of jazz will form part of the festival for many years to come.


Wed 5.7.17
Door opening
Concert start
Ticket price
CHF 275.00


Othella Dallas

Line up

Othella Dallas
Alex Hendriksen
Ueli Gasser
Peter Wagner
Michael Chylewski
Lukas Gasser

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