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Jamie Cullum is a bundle of energy and will remain one of Great Britain’s hot export articles even after the Brexit vote. After all, he is not just an amazing singer but also a brilliant daredevil pianist. On his latest album “Interlude” Cullum recharges old tunes with new energy, spanning a breath-taking bridge from “Lovesick Blues” to the title song “Interlude” (inspired by Dizzy Gillespie’s “A night in Tunisia”) to Sufian Steven’s “The Seer’s Tower”. In the fresh alpine air, the power performer is guaranteed to be at the top of his game!



Wed 19.7.17
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Line up

Jamie Cullum
Vocals & Piano
Tom Richards
Keyboard, Saxophone
Rory Simmons
Guitar, Trumpet
Loz Garratt
Double Bass
Brad Webb


Jamie Cullum / Work of Art