The abbreviation BFE doesn't stand for some sort of energy supplier. BFE stands for Brooklyn Funk Essentials, a multicultural collective that has been called «a helluva band» by some. In fact, BFE's performances stick to one formula: start at full throttle and then accelerate slowly. In other words, BFE know exactly how to get the crowd going and send them into ecstasy. Moreover, BFE seem to dispose of inexhaustible energy reserves.


Thu 4.7.19
Door opening
Concert start
Ticket price
CHF 275.00

Line up

Alison Limerick
Lead Vocals
Anna Brooks
Saxophone, Vocals
Iwan VanHetten
Trumpet, Keyboards, Vocals
Desmond Foster
Guitar, Vocals
Lati Kronlund
Hux Nettermalm

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