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What Snarky Puppy is for the USA, Nubiyan Twist is for England: an exciting multi-symbiotic collective, that doesn't fit in any box. Adventurous mixing of genres is as much part of Nubiyan Twist's crafty musicianship as the creation of catching tunes. This is presented with an easiness that comes across as really cool. The path of Nubiyan Twist led from Leed to London and from there to the rest of the world, where there have been collaborations with legends like Mulatu Astatke and Tony Allen. Nubiyan Twist's cosmopolitan motto is: «Where you from? I’m from wherever I be.» So these guys will feel at home in St. Moritz for sure.

Flying dinner included in ticket price.


Thu 7.7.22
Door opening
Concert start
Ticket price
CHF 185.00

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